Tuesday 7 February 2012

All Mouth, No Trousers

It's February, so I'm damn well going to do an update on that silly list of resolutions I made at the start of the year. I have this habit of saying I'm going to do ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY things, and then doing none of them, so this year I resolve to hold myself accountable and check in regularly. I don't want to be all talk and no trousers.

Here are my trousers so far....

 image source - less trousers, more WOWZERS

Run a road race. I'm being whingey about this one. I've lost nearly a month of training time to shin-splints, and then gastroenteritis. Then I realised that the course I've chosen is the hilliest bastard imaginable. Plus, it's full of trees, so there are roots to leap over, and probably lurking orcs to slay. How am I supposed to get a non-shameful time in amongst all that? I am pulling my socks up as we speak and getting two 10ks and a 5k in per week, although I am still running on the sappy treadmill because it's too cold to go outside.

Write music. This is actually happening. Slowly but definitely, I nearly have enough decent songs for an EP. I've also been doing some vocals for the awesome Protectors, which has been very good fun so far. Penny & The Sausages are on baby hiatus so it's good to have something to keep my musical muscles occupied.

Go on holiday at least once. Tickets booked for Porto Primavera. I am extremely excited about getting to see Bjork at last, and the Afghan BLOODY Whigs, not to mention going to Portugal which is a whole new country I have never visited before! I will not be going anywhere unless I renew my passport though. I wonder if I concentrate hard, it might happen magically? Maybe if I look pathetic enough, someone will do it for me. I HATE PAPERWORK.

Get a new job, write (even) more. These two are connected as I am starting to do more copy work in the hope that eventually everything I do will be lovely and freelance. And I won't have to put up with my horrible boss any more. I LOVE WRITING (but not on passport renewal forms, see above).

See friends. Trying! We only managed half our house guests this weekend because of the snow, but the thought was there.

Learn where all the countries in Europe are on a map. No.

Swim more. Shin splints have forced this resolution upon me. I have a waterproof mp3 player now and everything. I plan to fill it with water-themed songs. I need your suggestions in the comments, please.

Watch a classic film every month. Some of my friends (and friends of friends) have started hosting film nights at each others houses, so this should be easy peasy now. We watched Wings Of Desire last month, and this month we're watching Some Like It Hot, which is one of my all-time favourites. Film Club is also going to be a great way to meet a lot of new people's cats, which I am very excited about.

....and finally read Anna Karenina. NO. Come on, it's only January

How are your new year's resolutions going so far?


  1. Anna Karenina is on librivox audio books for free. I've been listening to it while cleaning the house/going for a run/on the tube. Really getting into it now where I struggled before.

  2. I've started Anna Karenina but I've hit a problem. Vronsky is a bit (LOT) of a knob! I've put it down for a while, but I'm not ready to completely give up on it. Yet!

  3. I really got in to Anna Karenina and am 25% through, good old Kindle!
    But then I had to read abook club book and haven't gone back to it. I will do but I'm a bit worried that I won't remember who anyone is. It's pretty easy reading though, for an old, Russian tome!

  4. This is the definitive swimming-based song: http://youtu.be/fuz5TKzaJoE

    Sadly it's only two and a half minutes long, so you might get a bit bored of it by the time you've done a few lengths.

    If you want to build yourself up to tackling Anna Karenina, try the short stories of Nikolai Gogol. Bed-wettingly funny at times.

  5. This is like the Anna Karenina reading support group! I'm very impressed. I have trouble listening to audiobooks (zero attention span when people are talking to me, which my husband and mother will attest to), but I'm going to give it a whirl on the Kindle. I loved Crime & Punishment, so I'm hoping the length and the Russian-ness won't be too much of a problem.

    Richard I am listening to Loudon as we speak! It's twangy, but I like it.


  6. You should defo watch Brief Encounter at Film Club. Have you ever been on the Cumbrian railway line where it was filmed? They have actual volunteers who walk through the carriages handing out leaflets and wear, like Fan Jackets. And the gal in it is called Laura - winner!