Thursday 20 October 2011


Before I got made redundant from my TV job (nearly 2 and a half years ago) I was writing a fitness/lifestyle blog with a quietly impressive readership and an enthusiastic community. And I junked it all when I got the news about losing my job.


Because I couldn't mange to be upbeat all the time anymore. Couldn't do the 5-days-a-week posting without at least some of it being a tiny moan. Or a big, blank depressive nothing. It was a difficult point in my life, a time to start from scratch. I didn't want to inflict that on these lovely people who tuned in every day, and wrote reams of nice comments. I wanted to be funny and pithy and entertaining, not make people switch off their laptops and go and stick their heads in an oven.

Well, WHAT do you know.

The second career I was just managing to get underway has just about collapsed underneath me. There is no money left in the pot, and I am not managing financially anymore. I am in, effectively, the same position. Starting over. Considerably poorer than last time, and with even less of a clue what to do.

And the worst part of it is, I NEVER LEARNED TO READ.....

OK, OK, come back!

I'm not going to dump on you, lovely, cherished reader. And I'm not giving up writing on here. There may not be the same hundreds of people tuning in to this place every day, but there ARE people reading this thing. And maybe, just maybe, if I can write about my situation this time, I can learn to  laugh at it. Because, really, it IS ridiculous. I am a hard worker and a compulsive, success-fixated tryer. If I can't work this thing out, we're all fucked.

So, you know, I'm going to let you know how it goes. This stupid career situation. In all its preposterous glory.

And I'm not going anywhere this time. Let's get that clear.


  1. Aw, Penny. That sucks big style. But I'm glad you're going to stick around, because I for one will be sticking around to read whatever you have to say, whether it's good, bad or hideously ugly. Sending you hugs and sausages xx

  2. That sucks balls, you have my job hunting sympathies. And I've only just started reading, so you're not allowed to disappear.

  3. Oh jeeps Penny. Please don't go anywhere. I have been planning a trip to your neck of the woods for MONTHS just so that I can come to one of your classes. Plus my husband and I watched you on youtube (why does that sound so rude?!) I know it sounds trite, but stuff will turn around. It just will.

  4. Penny, I know its a bit late in coming but...Really sorry things haven't gone right for you.

    And I second all the other comments: your blog is wonderful, no matter what you're writing about.

    And feel free to write about whatever you bloody well feel like.