Monday 31 October 2011

Spooky Day

Happy Halloween!

I thought a spooky day would be perfect for a Spooky cat update.
 Spooks is 20 weeks old now and seems to grow overnight, like a mushroom.

She's still seven shades of kitten mental though, and enjoys climbing onto the highest possible precipe and flinging herself onto her poor, weary big brother Granville. G remains resolutely unimpressed with the new addition, he still stares at her across the room as if permanently horrified that she exists. He's becoming gradually more tolerant though. He lets her sleep by him now, and occasionally she'll rest her chin on his tail or put her paws around his neck and he actually doesn't seem to mind (or maybe just can't be bothered to get up and move away).

Kitty hangtime

Pookie is getting much better at being cuddled too, and over a weekend of birthday guests and hungover people wanting kitten snuggles I've noticed she's getting better at not wiggling and scratching. She'll happily be carried around now, chirupping away like a frog.

The night after the night before: X Factor, rose, best friends and kitten - heaven.

And although she's still not keen on sitting on knees (too knobbly) we've worked out we can put her on a cushion and pass her around the room so everyone gets to hang out with her. Needless to say (like all the best princesses) she's got legions of fans and is always in demand.

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  1. "seven shades of kitten mental " is my new favorite phrase! Laughed so hard. (Trying to think of a way to work it into my blog post tonight by golly!) And I'm so glad your sweet kitty is keeping you on your toes!