Wednesday 19 October 2011

Christmas Crafts

I know it's rude to say the C word at this time of year. But you have to help me out here.

You see, last year, mostly through financial necessity, but also through love of a challenge, I decided to make virtually all of my Christmas presents. It was time consuming, and forced me to confront some personal fears (insert flashback to textiles classes at school), but overall the reactions I got to my gifts made my heart feel all warm and cozy. Or maybe that was just the mulled wine.

Anyway, I'm at it again! But I'm short on ideas.

Last year (among other things) I made cushions....

Santa clauses....

Made my Mum a very Russian teddy bear (prizes if anybody knows who he is).....

and hand-made about a zillion boxes of chocolates for the 190,383,293 members of Sam's family.

What do you think I should make this year? Have you ever done a Christmas craft? Ever wanted to?

PS I can do most things, but I can't knit, and yes I have tried. Things get thrown across the room. That's people AND knitting.


  1. I can't knit either. It's not pretty. I also can't sew or glue or do anything creative with paper or textiles.

    So, last year I gave a lot of people Christmas hampers, for which I made marmalade, chutney, jam, chilli sauce, shortbread and oatcakes. They went down very well, and were fairly straightforward to make. Except the oatcakes, I don't recommend making oatcakes though, they're crumbly little f*ckers.

    K x

  2. That's an excellent idea! I have had a crash twitter course in marmalade making today, and my Dad has already requested shortbread... I think the pots and pans may be coming out.