Monday 13 August 2012

Work Wardrobe Pontification

So this Helmut Lang lovely might be a little excessive, but I would definitely invest in something a bit flashier than H&M for a classic blazer.Where's good for quality and minimal frump? Reiss? Zara?
Pleated skirts! I finally have an excuse to buy one. And then I tried one on and realised they make my hips look matronly. Help me girls - do you need to be a stick to carry off the pleats?
I'm also after smart cream tops and shirts with a bit of quirk and personality.  Love the metal tips on the collar on this one from Hearts & Bows for ASOS. I always struggle with buying shirts - they need to be reasonably well cut or I end up popping out of the front. Not a good look for your first day at work.
Finally - yellow brogues! I have fallen in love with these puppies from J-Shoe and they seem to be sold out everywhere. Devo'd. If you see any like this out and about, let me know....


  1. Pepperberry (the clothing spin-off of Bravissimo) is your friend for shirts that fit across the bust with no gaping. Not cheap, for a shirt, but for me the only way I can wear a shirt without a vest top underneath to prevent bra-viewings.

    If you discover how to wear a pleated skirt, let me know?! So far, my hips cannot do that.

    K x

    1. Definitely checking out the full front shirts! Had no idea such a thing existed, great tip. far i think buy a size up and wear as a hipster? Works for my shape as I'm broad from the front and narrow from the side!


  2. I have massive hips and manage to wear pleats! (In fact my post tomorrow is of me wearing knee-length version!) I find if I wear them on my waist it works, if I wear them lower it doesn't! I do have a small waist compared to my hips though so maybe that's why it works, I think the wide belts help too?

    If it weren't for my hips and bum I'd probably be a size 12 now but I'm still a 14-16 to fit my lower half!

  3. Oh, also, I am loving this but not seen/felt it in real life!

  4. I get my blazers from New Look for next to nothing as they fit me well so look good. So not splashing out is totally okay if the fit is good. If you find the blouse solution let me know - I just buy a size up most of the time and always team with a vest.