Thursday 9 August 2012

Music Writing For Girls Part Two

Ever since I ranted about music writing for girls, I haven't been able to stop thinking about doing a music blog.

Plain fact is, I didn't have the time before, and now I'm going to be a proper desk jockey with nice clean shoes and hair that has been brushed I'm pretty sure I'll have even less. I'm not even sure if I'll have the time or energy to continue being this awesome, even. I might  turn into a total wanker and start ignoring you in the street and screening my phone-calls and stuff.

Anyway. I think I'm just going to write about music on here a bit more. Sorry about that. I really want to though. I think about new music all the time, and sometimes I want to burst with needing to tell you all about the things I'm listening to, even though I know you're not that arsed.

Anyway. I have been listening to this song quite a lot recently, and it makes me want to move my bottom. Are you an 80s electric boogaloo-fetishist? (no I don't know what that means, and I just made it up). OK, well, DO YOU LIKE TO BE FUNKY? Maybe you will like it too.

Check out this hipster with long hair! Doesn't he look a bit like Olly off Made In Chelsea? He's called Kindness (I'm guessing that's not really his name) and I did like him before (even though I sacked off queueing to go and see him at Optimus Primavera because I wanted to get drunk in trendy Portuguese bars) BUT THIS SONG IS THE NUTS.

Click play, then hold on til 1'09". That's when it gets serious.

Are you dancing yet? Are you in an 1980s breakdancing film in your mind?

Good. I think I will like writing a bit more about music on here. Also, I am going to enjoy writing about what I'm going to wear to work as I have taken a sledgehammer to my clothing ban and gone serious sales shopping. Watch me flounder as I spend the next few weeks try to navigate dressing for the office without selling my personality down the river.

I still can't imagine myself in a pencil skirt. Unless it's a tie-dye one.


  1. I would love to read more of your music writing - I have literally no clue what is around at the moment, and I rather enjoyed that Kindness dude.
    Be my lifeline to the modern world! Hah.

    Definitely more of this. Will you do playlists too?

    1. YES! Definitely playlists too. I love a bit of 8tracks. Thanks for indulging my whim!


  2. More music makes me happy. Music is ace and I ALWAYS want to know about new stuff. :)