Wednesday 15 August 2012

What I Wore To Work 1:playing it safe

Today is my first day! And first day means nothing offensive.

I wanted to wear this with my amazing Irregular Choice zebra boots , but they were too bold. Sad face. I am having to temper my love of the scruffy, the print of animal variety and the eye-wateringly brightly coloured. Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. You are not in Little Mix anymore, Penny.

Trying to stand like MJ behind me. Failing.

The blazer/skinny trousers/ballet flats combination is as old as the hills, but it still works. With my glasses on and hair up it's about as smart as I get without starting to feel uncomfortable. Hopefully once I've got my feet under the table I might be able to get my zebra back on.

Boyfriend blazer: Topshop
Blush pink sleeveless top: Jigsaw sale (worn with a white vest underneath)
Skinny black trousers: H&M
Green ballet flats: Faith


  1. AGH! Happy first day! You look lovely.

  2. Yay! First day stylin'... you look more fashionable in your smart clothes than I do in my fashionable ones. You just can't stop!


    K xx

  3. I reckon you'll have the zebra boots on by next week :) How was your first day?? x

    1. Thankyou everybody! First day was OK... not sure about the zebra boots, I have spotted NO individuality in an office of 30-40 people.... all black trousers and white/grey/nude tops. HORRID!


  4. Oooh hope the 1st day went well! You look fab, can't wait to see the zebra edition! :)