Thursday 15 March 2012

Not A One-Trick Pony....

....but a field full of ponies, galloping through the television and into your hearts.

image:Jim Marks/BBC/PA via The Guardian

Hurrah the Apprentice is back next Wednesday night!

Love it or loathe it, the annual parade of jumped up arseholes is always compelling telly and this year's crop of suited gonks is no exception. Previews have already thrown up excellent soundbites like "I am the reflection of perfection" and "by day I'm a business superstar and by night I'm a professional wrestler". Oh yes. You would be forgiven for thinking that the show is teetering on the edge of caricature, but really? The Apprentice has always been a mockery of itself, and people like this do exist, so suck it up and enjoy.

I adore the Apprentice, and Sam hates it. I can never work out why this is. He is a lover of crap TV, and embraces Celebrity Big Brother et al, but for some reason the average business wanker just makes him wrathful and liable to throw items at the telly. I, on  the other hand, am fascinated by the arrogance of others. Look at them all! So young, and so full of shit! It makes me feel better about being an underachiever. So what if my sole achievement in life is to NOT be a ruthless harridan liable to skewer you through the shoulderblades the moment you turn your back. That's not bad. That could be worse.

Will you be tuning in? Will you be dribbling with the anticipation of finding a Stuart Baggs v.2.0?

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  1. Oh god I love the apprentice. I can't wait. We both let out involuntary squeals when we saw the trailer last week. My all time favourite contestant was Michelle who won the second series (because she was from Hull) but I loved inventor Tom last year and was so happy he won. My favourite moments are when there's a complete knobhead and for some reason Sralan likes them so you're left screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO at the TV and irately turning over to BBC2 for the aftershow.