Monday 26 March 2012

My Humps

My humps my humps my humps

My lovely HOLIDAY lumps

- check it out!

No dear reader, I am not speaking of my lady-jellies. I'm talking about HUMPS OF TIME. Happy little summits where we emerge from the grey, drab clouds of work and have a jolly laugh, for just a bit, before descending back into the shite.


Not necessarily holidays requiring suncream and passports. Just time off work. Or weekends with extra-fun stuff in them. THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO. I need these little bits of fun dotted about through the year, otherwise my brain will actually break. Last week I had the joy of some very long working days (one was 15 hours long! that shouldn't happen!) and a six day week, with only one day off yesterday before getting back to the grindstone. OH NO HANG ON, it wasn't even a whole day was it? It was 23 hours. Thanks a bunch, British Summertime.

BUT IT'S OK.You can stop that Pity Party right there, turn it around, send it home to watch Countryfile and get itself an early night.

Because after Friday I am having a WHOLE 3 days off for my weekend, and that almost makes it worthwhile. Maybe even three and a half days if I don't have any work incoming. EEK! Not only that, but three of my favourite friends are coming to stay and play out at some bizarre sounding new club in Leeds where there's a DJ booth made out of a car.

I never thought I would be the sort of person who lives completely for the weekends. In my 20s (when I probably should have been knobbing about in a temp job) I had a career I loved and was almost happier at work than I was at home. Oh well, maybe I'm making up for lost time. Maybe I'm one of the people now - I can turn around and say "FUCK THE MAN!" and really mean it. I should get some good art out of it at least - a protest song. That's it, maybe I'll write a protest song.

Or maybe not.

Other fun things coming up over the next few months - Penny & The Sausages playing in 1930s themed fancy-dress upstairs at the Adelphi, more running of muddy races, wedding dress shopping as Maid Of Honour, and Primavera -like a shining beacon of glory- in June.

Oh yeah, and OUR FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. So nice of the Queen to give us a day off for it.

What are your upcoming humps?


  1. Never heard t called this but I like it! I absolutely have to have things to look forward to or I get grumpy like a child.

    3 day weekends are the best and how cool you get a bank holiday for your anniversary! X

    1. Aside: i think i may have made it up. But we should totally roll with it!


  2. Ha! The extra bank holiday is also in honour of twin & I turning 40. We're off on a family sunny holiday to celebrate. But first there's Easter, chocolate & days off.

    1. Chocolate and holidays mmmm.... Never knew you were a twin, that's double the birthday fun! How exciting.


  3. Bedders and I went on Our Very First Proper date at the Adelphi. Wah.