Thursday 22 March 2012

The Kids Are Alright

This week I had my first guest post up on the arts blog Culture Vulture. In it, I talk mostly about the truly ace micro-scene that exists in Wakefield at the moment, in which there are loads of cracking bands feeding off a great label (Philophobia Music), fanzine (Rhubarb Bomb) and venue (the Hop). One of my personal favourites in the current scene are a band called The Spills, who are brilliant and sound pretty much exactly like Pavement. This is OK though, because these CHILDREN were not even a twinkle in their father's eyes when Slanted & Enchanted came out.

Are you feeling old yet? I am. Let me spell it out for you. Lo-fi indie rock is RETRO to the bands of today.

Don't believe me?

Slade released their album Nobody's Fools in 1976
Oasis released their cover of Cum On Feel The Noize in 1996

Time difference? 20 years.

Pavement released Slanted & Enchanted in 1992
The Spills are out there being a homage to Pavement RIGHT NOW in 2012.

Time difference? 20 years.

The way we thought about glam rock during Brit-pop is how these young 'uns (rumour has it they have a combined age of 10) think about lo-fi indie rock. And the Pixies to them? Are like the Beatles were to us. HOLY SHIT! What next? Vintage Urusei Yatsura t-shirts selling for ££££ on eBay? Sebadoh tribute bands?

It's just another thing this week that has also made me feel old (see also: sunglasses that look like pineapples)

Woah, have also just realised that Pavement isn't even a word to Americans. Not sure how that happened then.


  1. Really liked the Culture Vulture article. None of this stuff was on my radar and now I have new bands, RSS feeds and videos to check out!

    On feeling old:

    Pineapple sunglasses link didn't work, but I googled it and did NOT regret it. A highlight:

    Of course I had to do some RESEARCH after that. I think we have a winner...

  2. Finally home and fixed the link! How does anyone not look a tit in those melon slices? Dear me.


  3. hannah lonsdale22 March 2012 at 21:55

    aaah you've just made my head spin penny! that's scary! i'm so glad i was born into the world when i was. big up the lo-fi indie revival xx

  4. No no no, those figures can't possibly be right. I feel slightly nauseous. Hang on, if The Pixies are their Beatles, does that mean the Rolling Stones are like their Buddy Holly?? I feel ANCIENT now!