Monday 19 March 2012

A Local Playlist, For Local People

I feel the time has come to draw your attention to an excellent online project. The Leeds Playlist is an open invitation to all Loiners (for this is what we are) to bring forth their finest mixtapes and share them with the internet, in a bid to broaden musical horizons and bring us all together under a billowing flag of musical serendipity.

The rules are simple: pick ten songs, either on the monthly theme or a freestyle theme of your choice. Put them in a playlist using Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, 8tracks, or blah blah blah. Add a track-listing, a brief explanation and accompanying picture, then send to Leeds Playlist HQ, where LP mastermind Wendy Denman sits stroking a white cat as she plots to take over the world, one playlist at a time. More than likely it will then appear on the blog for everyone to hear, and you will henceforth be proper made up.

I have been following the blog since it started earlier this year, and the range of tastes and styles is really impressive. Perfect for if you're stuck in a music rut, or just in the mood for something a bit different. Or perhaps you're having that panic all Radio 2 listeners have at midday when you SIMPLY MUST find something else to listen to IMMEDIATELY before Jeremy Vine comes on.

You may be also interested to know that my playlist is now up there too. Have a listen, and maybe get out your leotard and have a dance. Yes?


  1. Are we not Leodensians...? Is that not a 'thing'?

    1. No I believe we really are Loiners. Faintly embrasssing and a little Carry On....