Tuesday 23 August 2011

On Being A Wedding Guest: Revisited

What I Learned....

-Weddings come in all shapes and sizes

-But it all comes down to love, booze, frocks and dancing

-No matter how immaculate and wonderful everything looks, there has always been frantic paddling and stress somewhere along the road

-Vera Wang = SIGH

-If you play football in the car-park in your party dress after a gallon of wine, you will probably fall over and flash your pants

And last but not least....


(sorry for terrible blurry picture... Bean was far too excited about his owners getting married to stay still!)


  1. If I had more than £0.00 in my bank, Vera Wang would be my choice of dress. Although that would also involve me ignoring the shopping guilt complex I have...The little voice that tells me I really shouldn't have bought that EVERY TIME I go shopping.

    And yes, our family dog will be at the reception. Because, well, she's family too. And awesome.

    Glad you had fun at your friends wedding!

  2. This (gorgeous) bride's dress cost more than our entire wedding.... It was so lovely but regardless of how wealthy I was, I couldn't justify spending that on a dress. I would much rather pay off a bit of mortgage, but that's just boring me.

    Hurrah for the family dog! I wish cats were a bit more laid back, we really wished we could have had Granville at our wedding :(


  3. Well, I would invite the cats, but the old girl would just complain at everyone and try and sit on their laps. Although the three legged one would probably just follow the dog around. Also, the fish would get jealous that they couldn't come (they all live with my parents, although I may steal one of the cats/dog soon).

    You're not the only boring one. I'm firmly on the "I need a deposit for a house, not a £30,000 wedding" side of the fence. It doesn't mean a girl can't dream of Vera Wang and hiring out a castle for the day.