Thursday 4 August 2011

Dear Brides

Being engaged is ace. But you'll know by now that wedding planning can also be a hurricane that comes and sweeps you off your feet, and from time to time you might forget which end is up.

So, to my awesome friends who are about to be married (eeeek), and any other engaged lovelies who happen to be reading. I just want to say....

...if you're worried the Etsy bill is getting out of control....if your fingers have turned into claws from pinking shears....if you're mother's aunt's sister's cousin has got the hump because the reception venue is too far from the church....if the dress you chose didn't make your mother cry....if the long range forecast is giving you palpitations....if your incessant reading of wedding blogs and their perfect weddings is edging you into self-doubt....if your bridesmaids are in a hissy because they don't DO strapless...if you have a thousand friends who should know better who still haven't RSVP'd.... if you're still not quite sure your shoes/jewellery/dress/table plan/DJ/centrepiece/cake/favours/caterer is The One ...

...and it just feels like time is running out....

....take a moment. Put your feet back on the floor. Look down. Are those feet on the floor? Yes they are.

Whatever your fears are, let them go. Just for a minute.

 Image from Newsabridged

All of this is tiny stuff. It really is. You are getting married.


How amazing is that?

Hang in there.

It will all be worth it in the end. I triple-promise.



  1. Awesome post Penny :) I will bookmark this! Just in case I need a reminder in a few months time

  2. Aw thanks Abi, I hope you manage to stay sane enough not to need it!