Wednesday 23 May 2012

This Is My Jam

This is my new thing....

The premise is dead simple. You pick a song every now and again, to represent what you're listening to.  That song is then "your jam" until you change it. The jams of yourself, plus friends/people you are stalking are then assembled together into a lovely playlist for your ears. It does seem to be a good way to discover new music, and seeing as everybody is too busy with Twitter and Facebook to make each other mix-tapes anymore it is only polite of the internet to throw us a lifeline by which we may attempt to clamber out of the horrible musical ruts in which some of us are festering. In fact, if we don't take action, I fear some of us may dissolve into a parody of our own music taste (Sam certainly will if he listens to another Doobie Brothers or Billy Joel record - he has joined).

I do try really hard to find out what my friends are listening to, but if I'm out and somebody recommends something to me, I've forgotten the name of the band by the time I get home, because I'm getting old and senile. So it acts as a handy audio notebook. Also, I feel so bamboozled when I look at Spotify sometimes. There is such a thing as having too much choice.

You should all sign up and add me. I'll only play the good shit, I promise.

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