Thursday 3 May 2012

School's Out!

I just wanted to share with you this gallery from the Guardian website earlier this week, showing high school pictures of great US rock and pop stars as fresh-faced teens. It's compulsive clicking.

I was genuinely surprised to discover that this earnest-looking young man is actually Bruce Springsteen. Shouldn't the Boss be a bit more effortlessly cool, even at this age? I like that you can see so much clear-eyed intelligence under that extremely awkward hair. It gives us all hope that we too might be great oaks, grown from spotty little acorns.

The rest of the celebs are more or less neatly divided into self-possessed popular kids (Fergie, Axl Rose, Snoop) , beautiful and misunderstood outsiders (Gwen Stefani, Michael Stipe) and raging weirdos (Eminem, Iggy Pop). Sadly I didn't see many contenders for my personal category (wacky nerd, in case you were wondering), which I suspect means I won't ever be a rock 'n roll star of significance, or have my school picture featured in the Guardian (unless I go on a killing spree - there's always that chance).

Go and a look at the pictures, then tell me which gang were you in at school?


  1. That photo actually makes me love Bruce Springsteen even more.

    I was in the nonentity gang at school, i.e., not cool enough for the cool kids, but inconspicuous enough not to get the shit bullied out of me. Other potential categories would have included teacher's pet, massive nerd and goody-two-shoes. This is why I had to work inconspicuous in.

    K x

    1. I tried so hard to be inconspicuous and failed utterly and completely! I think Bruce would have hung with us though. We would have sniggered at fergie from the Black Eyed Peas when she wasn't looking.


  2. That is my category as well - my high school years were relatively easy compared to some. A select few girls "hated" me and a couple of rumours spread by them, but all in all not too bad. Just kind of floated along....I guess I will never be a rock star. I dated/married/divorced a drummer though so I guess that was my brush with rock stardom. Now I am happily married to a fun guy who will dance that great Jon Travolta/Uma Therman scene from Pulp Fiction on a dance floor in Cuba just because we can - life has gotten much better since high school!