Thursday 31 May 2012

Sparkly Poo

  • The weather lasting longer than anybody said it would
  • Getting amazing things in the post
  • Lazy cats everywhere I look, just hanging out and being lazy
  • The level of excitement online for a fantastic indie event
  • Being busy at work in spite of the heat (such is the love for Aerockbics)
  • Best Mad Men and Game Of Thrones episodes so far both broadcast in the same week
  • Reading really, really tacky novels (not Fifty Shades... yet, I'm limbering up with another terrible Susan Lewis)
  • Taking my first corporate training session in Temple Newsam yesterday - a few more of these and I might actually start earning half a normal person's salary
  • Hen planning for my best girl, and knowing how much she's going to love everything we've got up our sleeves
  • Discovering brilliant new music - seems to be a lot about at the moment. Check this for perfect summer sounds:
    In many ways, this has been the biggest bum-fart of a few weeks we've had in a long time, but there's always a little bit of sparkle in the poo. It's just a case of remembering to look for it. Yes, look at your poo. Go (metaphorically) on. There, see the sparkles? Good. Now listen to that Catcall song, it's brilliant.


  1. I knew you secretly loved Game of Thrones... all that twitter moaning was just a big cover up!

    Here's to finding the sparkle in the poo... that's exactly what I need to do today.

    1. I was hooked this week- it was amazing. I do get frustrated by the number of characters and find it all a bit confusing so focusing on one storyline is ideal for me :)

    2. I love it! I'm seriously gutted it's the last one next week.

    3. I am so upset that it's the last one. I might go into mourning after watching it this evening.

      True Blood starts next week but that's about a millionth as good as GoT.