Friday 9 December 2011

First Dance Friday: Oh!

You'd think that a couple who both love left-field indie music would have a huge amount of cross-over in their CD collections. Sadly, not for me and Sam.

(bear with me here, the point is tenuous and meandering, but there is a good song at the end)

Sam thinks things that go crash-bang-wallop are silly, whereas I think things that go widdle-widdle-time-signature-change are deadly dull. I say potay-to, he says potah-to. I say Jesus Lizard, he says Karate. At ATP this weekend, Sam's all about the complex noodlings of Archers Of Loaf, whereas I am wetting my pants about the frenetic tub-thumping of Les Savy Fav and Hot Snakes. I know it may all sound gibberish to you, but I TELL you, it's different, and when it came to choosing our first dance it was an-NOY-ying.

There is one band we agree one though. They've got enough clever-buggery to keep Sam's brain engaged, and enough crashing rock guitars to satisfy me. Throw in some amazing pop hooks and sweet, sweet girl harmonies and you have the one indie-rock band we agree on.

This song is probably my favourite of theirs - it's one of the poppiest and it is being giddy with love. Sleater-Kinney have inspired legions of admirers and endless copyists - if you have any interest in guitar music, they are essential listening.

2/3rds of them have reformed as the just-as-brilliant Wild Flag who are playing a few gigs around the UK in the new year off the back of their debut album - catch them while you can.


  1. So, recommend me a gateway-drug for Sleater Kinney. Which album should I get?

  2. Dig Me Out is my favourite-great hooks, massive rock.

  3. Love Sleater-Kinney! Good compromise you two;)