Friday 11 November 2011

First Dance Friday: The Karaoke Edition

Tonight is all about going to the Leeds Christmas market (popular post-work hangout where people regularly enjoy standing in the queue for the Bierkeller for two hours, then giving up and going home) and cheap deals at our local karaoke emporium.


Love it or loathe it, everyone has a karaoke song. If you think you haven't, then you just haven't found it yet. IT IS IN YOU. I spent 25 years denying the pull of the karaoke mic, and now I am that annoying person who won't get off it, and Sam is EVEN worse. Don't invite us to your karaoke party. You'd think performing pop hits with a live band would be enough to satisfy our egos, but trust me it isn't.
Karaoke is family bonding for Smyths: this is Boxing Day last year in Wakefield where Sam's littlest sister used to be the karaoke compere, and I instigated the venue catchphrase "Don't bore us, get to the chorus!"

Karaoke songs are much easier to pick than first dance songs, because you can change your mind several times a year. You also have a much wider palette to choose from - I started with This Charming Man, and have since been through Eye Of The Tiger, Alone by Heart, Young Hearts Run Free and currently Regulate by Warren G (singing both parts, which some people think is funny, but I can assure you is very accomplished. VERY.). And by the end of tonight I'll have yet another brand new karaoke song, after having completely and shamefully fluffed the one I've screamed about being "MYSONGMYSONGMYSONG!", because that is what happens every single time. The inevitablility is comforting. 

Sam's song is Gold by Spandau Ballet, my Mum (the first person I ever knew to have a karaoke song) always does Stand By Your Man better than she thinks and my youngest sister-in-law does one of those so-good-everybody-stops-what-they're-doing-and-stares versions of Son Of A Preacher Man.

Mine and Sam's go-to duet (Pump Up The Jam) was also our sort-of first dance, so I think this tenuously links my MASSIVE KARAOKE EXCITEMENT to first dances, and definitely Fridays.


Happy weekend, everyone.


  1. Yay karaoke!

    My first karaoke song was Barbie Girl. Now I've got a few - Eye of the Tiger is one of them. Also Maneater by Hall & Oates, Total Eclipse (classic), Fernando by Abba and I Think We're Alone Now. Oh and Hold On is totally being added to the repertoire.

    My aim is to one day deliver a passable Defying Gravity.

  2. Sidenote: that will NEVER happen. I'm totally crap (but very enthusuastic).

  3. I'm definitely having a bash at Total Eclipse tonight, excellent choice. And Hold On, obvs. Defying Gravity I hadn't even considered but would be immense if you could pull it it! Reach for the stars! (ooh, S Club 7...)


  4. I'm brilliant at it in the car!

    Ones I've tried and failed massively at are Love is a Battlefield (even though I know it by heart) and You Keep Me Hanging On (Kim Wilde version).

  5. Reach is a brilliant group song along with the obligatory Don't Stop Me Now, Build Me Up Buttercup and Living on a Prayer.