Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Off To The Big Carpark In The Sky

I'd only ever had Polos before. They were sensible vehicles. They didn't rev my engine like you did Mario.

I will miss your shiny red bonnet. The way you had no frames on your windows, like a sports car. You were (I'm convinced) the only 323 in Leeds without a spoiler, and I still regret not putting one on you.

You were a good car. The minute I saw you, I knew it had to be you. It was love at first sight. A little bit sexy, a little bit dependable - what more could a girl ask for? You had a few miles on the clock, but you were cheap and you looked a bit flashy - let's face it, I've never been able to resist those sort of credentials in the past. Now your time has come. It was one MOT too far.

Ciao Mario. When I get to heaven you'll be waiting for me, motor idling.

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