Thursday 12 July 2012

I Miss Shopping

I'm mere weeks away from the end of my six month clothes ban.


 This skirt was in Zara a few months ago and I RESISTED

Weirdly, this longing has only cropped up in the last few weeks, and I can link it easily to the following things:
  • I read Now magazine and the Sun fashion supplement in a waiting room
  • I went to H&M with my friend to help her buy a top for Saturday night
Completely avoiding the high street and fashion magazines up until this point has actually frozen my need to consume. I feel the clothes I have are more or less adequate. I don't feel pangs for new items - or if I do, they go away pretty quickly.

It took just two short minutes in a proper shop, and I was pulling out sequinned skirts and making small mewing noises. Days later, and I'm now looking at fashion blogs again and thinking about buying Elle magazine. I have seven weeks to go.

Help me hold on tight.

How do you fight the (frankly pointless) need to buy new things when money is short?


  1. I wish I knew. Oh, how I wish I knew. Austerity measures are properly kicking in for us now, just in time for three months of weddings, hens, parties, new jobs etc. In other words, exactly the sorts of occasion for which one would ordinarily think about buying a new outfit. But I can't. Sigh.

    1. I have a few wedding appropriate dresses that I wore for the 6 weddings I had last year. As I have none to go this year feel free to come and have a nosey when you're in Glasgow.

  2. I forgot about your leather jacket prompted clothes ban. I've gone cold turkey on clothes since mid april, and I'm going to keep it up until I have an actual need for an item of clothing or footwear. Funny how it makes you realise that when you justified purchases to yourself in the past it was all lies. I've even got two weddings coming up but I shall resist the sales.

    and not buying clothes has freed me up to spend money on things like a slow cooker and those armchairs, which I'm enjoying a lot more than another pair of brightly coloured pumps.

    Either that or my shopping addiction haas just moved from gap to ebay...

    1. I hear you on the armchairs, we actually had a round of applause for our corner sofa when we got back from Beatherder and killing was at a premium. Easily this year's best buy- wouldnt swap it for 100 sparkly Zara skirts.


    2. KILLING??? Lolling. Honestly.

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  4. I do what you do and just avoid looking. No magazines, no window shopping and then you don't want what you don't know is out there. It's easier said than done when you accidentally stumble across something or have to go to the shops. Always keep a book on you so then you won't be forced to read any more nasty magazines.

  5. I'm actually quite good at avoiding clothes spending, I just don't ever go shopping, and I don't look at magazines or blogs.

    However, I can never ever resist buying books (I'm sure you're stunned to hear that), case in point being that despite us being a doubly unemployed household for the past month and a half, I still bought 10 books during that period. It's a sickness.

    K xc

  6. I managed to work out the few things I would actually have some need for when I was saving for the wedding and fear those will go out the window once we have moved...darn it. Good luck!