Friday 17 June 2011

Our Preview Pictures Have Arrived!

Ten Initial Reactions:

1. There is a rave-level of smiling going on. Cheeks must have ached.

2. Playing a sweaty gig in the middle of your own reception will rid your bridal look of any polish it may have had...

3. ....but it will look sort of cool

4. People DID actually dance, and they threw some ridiculous shapes

5. A bouffy skirt and Converse hi-tops are never going to flatter footballer legs, I should probably have born the crushing pain of the 6" heels at least until after the evening speeches

6. Our friends scrub up stupidly well ....

7....but the boys definitely win, some serious hats, bow ties and Don Draper hair going on

8. The cutting of the cake is not necessarily the most boring picture of the day

9. My husband looks great in a veil

10. A whole amazing wedding went on, and I think I was there, and I might actually be starting to remember it now.

(Although I'm whinging about my sturdy pins, I do love this)
Photo courtesy of BlackEyeSpecialist Photography

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