Tuesday 19 June 2012

Off To The Big Carpark In The Sky

I'd only ever had Polos before. They were sensible vehicles. They didn't rev my engine like you did Mario.

I will miss your shiny red bonnet. The way you had no frames on your windows, like a sports car. You were (I'm convinced) the only 323 in Leeds without a spoiler, and I still regret not putting one on you.

You were a good car. The minute I saw you, I knew it had to be you. It was love at first sight. A little bit sexy, a little bit dependable - what more could a girl ask for? You had a few miles on the clock, but you were cheap and you looked a bit flashy - let's face it, I've never been able to resist those sort of credentials in the past. Now your time has come. It was one MOT too far.

Ciao Mario. When I get to heaven you'll be waiting for me, motor idling.

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