Friday 4 February 2011

Friday!! Knackered.

Crawling towards the weekend on my hands and knees. I don't understand why I can't handle these long days, I need to toughen up. One of my workplaces shut down last week and I'm having to beg and plead my last 2 months wages out of them. Cheque turned up (finally) yesterday and they'd decided to pay me £8.50 per shift rather than per hour. I think it makes it more exhausting when you're working your nuts off and people are screwing you out of money so's you don't even know if you can pay your gas bill at the end of the month. Just as I've lost that job, my other job have decided to stop paying us for teaching classes, and stop paying us commission for signing up new members, so we're back on a basic wage there. Staff morale? Anyone?

Still applying for other work though. It'll come. Has to.

My own freelance P.T is good fun, and my clients are getting excellent results. My rock aerobics class is starting to build a following and I LOVE teaching it. I need to count my blessings that I get to call this part work. The self-employed side of what I do is brilliant, and empowering. It's the bits where I have to work for other people that make me a bit depressed. It's steady work though, it's needed.

Going out tonight with my Catie. Last weekend off work for 2 months, so I'm going to make the absolute most of it. Wedding shopping tomorrow with Ellie. Hopefully get to do something nice with Sam on Sunday. I love it when you cram so much into a weekend that it feels like three days instead of two.


  1. Rock aerobics? Seriously? In Leeds?!

  2. Oh hellz yeah! Check out my other blog the Facebook community is linked on there for updates. We do Mondays and Wednesdays in the Hyde Park area. It's A LOT of fun!