Tuesday 8 February 2011

Engagement Shoot

Today Sam and I are having a photographer friend come round to take some pictures of us, ostensibly so we have something nice to put up at the wedding and on our invitations, but in reality so we can be silly and pose. Actually, what they call this in the whimsical (and often widiculous) world of weddings is "An Engagement Session"

See how the photogenic couple incorporate their hobbies and idiosyncracies into a set of adorable pictures? Did you throw up yet? Oh my God, when I first found out these things existed I nearly split a side. And yet after five weeks pouring over wedding blogs and endless engagement session shoots I have now decided it's quite sweet really. Especially as we have so few decent pictures of us together. And it was all our photographer's idea anyway, or something.

So the plan is to de-twee the whole thing and dress particularly nerdy, look highly unattractive and try and get the cat into as many pictures as possible.

Watch out.

EDIT: Here be some!

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