Thursday 3 February 2011

Back To The Blog

Let's face it, 140 characters was never going to enough for me.

I used to have a fitness blog a few years ago which you may or may not be able to find... it actually got almost popular (no, really, it did - I didn't tell you about it because it was all a bit too personal). The pressure of having to come up with a nutcrackingly brilliant entry every day eventually made me want to explode. Then I got made redundant and I had the perfect excuse to chuck it in, seeing as everything I wrote from then on would have been achingly depressing anyway, and nobody likes a moaner.

Almost exactly two years on and I miss my diary.

And this time it WILL be a diary, not some pseudo fitness/social commentary. So it will be about my life, and mostly dull. So, there! I have set out my stall, and I have nothing to live up to, which is my absolute favourite place to be. YESSSS

Things that have happened to me since I stopped blogging: I lost my job, spent six months retraining as a fitness instructor, qualified, failed to get any work for months then as soon as I got a job, I had a car accident and spent the next six months not being able to do a right lot. Finally starting to get back on track now, skint as the proverbial church-dwelling mouse, got 99 problems etc. But it's not all woe. I have an awesome band and some wicked friends and I'm getting married in June to the best human being in the whole world and I'm VERY excited.

And the roller-coaster has taught me a lot, to be honest.

Consequently, this year I've decided I'm bored of the mundane and the shite. The feels-like-everything-is-going-wrong syndrome. Bored of being bombarded with platitudes. "When one door closes..." honestly if one more person says that to me from the comfort of their lovely secure, stable career I'm going to BRAIN them. I miss being happy, miss winning at life, miss being good at stuff, miss going into work and being treated like an vaguely intelligent human being and not a treadmill mopping, minimum wage moron.

I've paid my dues, two years of relentless bollocks. Time for things to start swinging the other way, I reckon.

It's already started.

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